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Creative process

Here's a peak into the process that turns a block of clay into a handmade piece of jewellery. 

Shop owner Jo sits in her studio

The studio

All the items you see on What Fred Found are handmade in my little home studio.

I love sitting down on a quiet weekend and pulling out my clay and tools to create something new.



Red dirt country road with tall green trees


Bright colours. Patterned textiles. Abstract art. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere! 

I'm always on the hunt for something new to incorporate into my designs, but  my biggest inspiration, and the reason I started creating jewellery, was to match my colourful wardrobe! 

Feedback from customers (hey, that's you!) is also a great source of inspiration. I'm often contacted through social media with colour, pattern and style suggestions, and I love to incorporate this into new designs.

brown, white and blue clay slab is held up in my hand with clay tools in the background

Design + create

I usually start out with a design in my mind - perhaps it a specific shape, pattern or colour palette. 

Once I've carefully mixed the colours, I'll usually create a clay 'slab' with the pattern I have in mind.

Then I can add texture, glitter and anything else that takes my fancy, before cutting the jewellery components out of the clay with shape cutters or a clay knife.

The components are then neatened up before being cured. 

Image of finished earrings in female hand, with jewellery findings and pliers in the background


Cured components are nice and hard and will start to resemble the final jewellery pieces. 

They need to be hand sanded, and this is when I'll decide whether to add a UV resin coating or keep them matte.

Once that's all done, I can assemble the pieces and glue the hypoallergenic surgical steel earring backs or ring bases on.

Image of finished brown, blue and white earrings in a professional photo layout.


I love sharing my creations with you! Once the pieces are finished, they're photographed and edited for the website and social media.

The final step is to safety store the pieces until they are ready to be packed up and sent off to their new homes!